Utopia - QD Rifle Sling | BLACKFOLIUM

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UTOPIA born out of the need to create an extremely thin sling that, at the same time, guarantee excellent levels of comfort. One in a kind, find perfect application with lightweight platforms (SMG & PDW) in covert / low-profile operations. If you require mobility and low-bulk, UTOPIA is your best choice.

PROVIDED WITH 2 QD Sviwel + 1 QD Adapter IWC

German Review: Spartanat


The "tight" slings on the market (usually 1" or 1.25" ) do not present the padded portion because they are completely made out of a nylon or polyester webbing. This causes considerable hassle during long uses, especially when the strap starts to "scratch" on the neck. Thanks to the padding and softness of the central portion, UTOPIA offers a concrete improvement in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

The rapid extension/retraction system allows you to adjust the length of the strap with a simple movement. This feature is very useful, for example, to quickly switch from "Patrol" to "Low-ready" position. The terminal toggle ensures an instinctive grip, even using gloves.

Made out of the best raw materials and by following strict manufacturing guidelines, we guarantee the maximum reliability and safety for the operator.