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A preserved and properly filled up TCCC-Card effectively contributes to improving patient survival rate. For this reason, we have developed a dependable card that guarantees the correct transcription and transmission of info (according to TCCC guidelines) despite rough handling and adverse weather conditions.

The most common procedure, to make the casualty cards resistant, is to laminate them. But this method has a negative twist: laminated paper can be compiled exclusively with a marker. In turn, markers are sensitive to atmospheric conditions (try to write on a wet plastic surface) and the heat that is generated inside the IFAK (especially in desert environments, with the risk that does not work at the right time)

We worked to solve this subtle but fundamental problem developing our TCCC-CARD: it keeps the properties of plastic, such as resistance and waterproofness, but at the same time allow the compilation through the pencil, the safest and reliable tool ever.

- Based on standard form "DD FORM 1380, JUN 2014"
- Compliant with TCCC guidelines
- In accordance with MARCH protocol
- Optimized graphics to simplify the MIST report
- Tear-Resistant
- 100% Waterproof
- It doesn't wear out over time
- Foldable without risk of cracks
- Writable by pencil, pen and markers
- The stifness of the card allows you to fill it on the palm of your hand too
- Deigned to fit into IFAK
- Reinforced polyester elastic