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RIFAK ( Rip-Away IFAK ) is the new first aid kit designed to contain the lifesaving medical items, necessary for the implementation of the MARCH protocol. RIFAK counts two different components: an external pouch and a removable internal insert, where the medical items are contained. The quick-release system has been developed to be extremely intuitive but also safe to operate.

- External Pouch ( Horizontal )
- Internal insert
- 2 x MALICE clip Short


About 70% of the entire development process was dedicated only to the extraction system because we fully understand the psycho/physical pressure that the operators are called to manage when the first TCCC procedures have to be applied. The goal was to create an extremely simple and intuitive system to detach, but that at the same time guarantee high levels of safety against the accidental opening. Everything can be summarized in two gestures:

STEP 1: Insert Extraction: Simply grab the red tab and pull it

STEP 2: Insert Opening: Simply grab the red paracord loop and open it

  • The operator will be able to reach medical items in less than 6 seconds
  • There is no risk that the medical material can accidentally spill, even by extracting the insert roughly, because the insert is closed on all four sides
  • No "embellishments" have been added (es. Medical crosses, Velcro, embroidery...) that could confuse the operator. The only object highlighted is the extraction handle in red. This peculiarity is appreciated also for covert/low-profile operations

To ensure the correct functioning of the insert, respect the following set-up


  • The frontal shock cord has been added to compress and decrease the pocket size. Can be disassembled (if you need a cleaner profile) or used to add a Tourniquet
  • The side PALS can be used to install additional pouches or to bind various tools such as Siccors, Strap-Cutter, and Tourniquet

The internal insert has been designed to be used also as a "Stand-alone" pocket, separately from the RIFAK. In fact, it can be stored on a backpack, messenger bag and also on "first line" (Inside the cargo pockets). This is very useful when you need to quickly switch your medical kit.

Made out of the best raw materials and by following strict manufacturing guidelines, we guarantee the maximum reliability and safety for the operator.

BLACKFOLIUM and its affiliated partners will not be considered responsible for problems or damage during the use of BLACKFOLIUM® products. Preliminary specific training is mandatory for this purpose.